How to get started with the Wellness Network and the Wellness Trak Operating System: PDF Print E-mail

If this is your first time on the Trak, getting started correctly is not a solo project. It is vital you experience this with the assistance of your Sponsor (Coach). Learning how and what to duplicate is key to your success and it begins right here!

  • STEP 1: Sign Up for the Wellness network – it’s FREE!
  • STEP 2: Review and Complete the Wellness Trak Workbook (located in New Partner Tool Box) with your Coach. Here you will plan and prepare for your Launch: Time, Money and Contacts. (We strongly suggest viewing the "Launch Plan" and "Contact & Invite" recordings in the WTS RECORDINGS / NEW PARTNER section of the site, as soon as possible.)
  • STEP 3: Enter the Wellness Trak System – Choose your Rank (New Partner Trak/Start Here). Follow the outlined steps to familiarize yourself with The Wellness Trak ONLINE as a resource center for operating your business at your current Rank.  (You can also download the Wellness Trak System directly onto your computer.)
  • STEP 4: Click on ON-STAR AND WEBCASTS and EVENTS to access the current schedule of upcoming Training & Support Web Casts/Calls and public Events to add to your Launch Calendar.
  • STEP 5: Register YOUR Launch on the Wellness Network LAUNCH PAD and view the "Breaking Through the Board" recording.

Additional Support Tools & Information

  • STEP 6: Take advantage of Nikken Current Promotions (viewable on myNikken login page).
  • STEP 7: Use the Event eVites emails to professionally invite & follow up with your guests.
  • STEP 8: Stay in touch with the Wellness Network Community at the Wellness Network Blog ( - fun, great info and interactive!