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One of the strongest and most innovative support features of the Wellness Network and the WellnessTrak is an aligned 12-Month Calendar with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual activities and events. The calendar is essential to creating an effective 90 Day Launch.

Each year, a complete calendar of events is made available for Wellness Network consultants to follow. Each event is designed both to build on previous events and lead to upcoming events, creating a connected ‘Rhythm of the Business’ for consultants around the globe.

Pre-designed agendas and formats for all events will be made available to WN consultants, allowing them to duplicate the WellnessTrak and host professional events, no matter where they live. In addition, live web casts and support calls will be held on a regular basis to provide additional support for event hosts.

To learn more about the Rhythm of the Business review the Wellness Trak System. Click on the Annual Launch Calendar to review the entire schedule and use it to plan your 90 Day Launch. Be sure to use the Nikken 90 Day Planner to help set your goals.

Annual Launch Calendar

Nikken 90 Day Planner

CLICK HERE to watch a brief 5 minute IMPORTANT tutorial on how to use the Nikken 90 Day Planner.

For an additional listing of Nikken Public Events and support to co-ordinate your Calendar go to the EVENTS link on this site.