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The Wellness Network hosts regular training Web Casts/Calls to support all aspects of The WellnessTrak System. These Web Casts provide focused instruction on all of the core competencies necessary to build a successful business. Every step in the system is explained, along with training on how to use the tools available for each step.

Each Web Cast is recorded and posted in the WTS RECORDINGS section. There are additional powerful recordings and online support available on the MyVisionForWellness.com site. You must be a registered user of Vision for Wellness to access this section of the site. See the VISION FOR WELLNESS link.

All trainings will be simultaneously broadcast on both a conference line and over the internet through a Web Cast Presenter. Consultants using the Web Cast will be able to visually watch the speaker and any presentation notes that may be used during the training call. You will need access to the Phone and the Internet to participate in a Web Cast. You do not have to be on the Web Cast to gain value, however we highly recommend it. Follow the links below to access the online schedule of upcoming Web Casts hosted by The Wellness Network and Diamond Members of The Wellness Network.

Enter the Wellness Network Web Meeting Room to review the schedule, or join an upcoming ON STAR Web Cast. Please note, "wellness" is the password to all Public ON STAR Web Casts

Go to the Meeting Center for additional Public Web Casts hosted by Members of the Wellness Network.