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Use the following eVite invitations for all steps of the Partnering Process – both as invites and follow up email.  Simply click on the email you wish to forward, enter your name, your personal message, names and email addresses of the people you wish to send the email – it is that simple – and it is FREE! Be sure to add YOUR REPLY EMAIL & CONTACT information in your personal message.

NOTE: The main email image and message can not be edited.  You can only send up to 5 emails at a time. We recommend you send yourself an email message as a test to review each eVite. You can also edit and personalize the eVite you send yourself, then forward it to your contacts.

• eVite 1     Partnership Offering Invitation
• eVite 2     Wellness Home Briefing Invitation
• eVite 3     Wellness Home Briefing Follow Up email
• eVite 4     Strategy Session Invitation
• eVite 5     Strategy Session Follow Up & Alignment Phase Meeting

Other Available eVites:

•eVite 6    Conference Call / Web Meeting Invitation
•eVite 7    Monthly Wellness Event Invitation
•eVite 8    Nikken Quarterly Event Invitation – for guests

To download the eVite Overview and How to Guide – click here