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After a person completes the Evaluation Phase, the next step is to assist them through the Alignment Phase. It is the completion of both steps that completes the Partnering Process. To help your new partners in getting started in the Alignment Phase, ideally you would like to establish a Monday night Team Meeting hosted by a Gold or above consultant and connect to the Alignment ABC Web Cast hosted by a Diamond. If your upline Diamond does not host a weekly meeting, plug into the list of Diamonds below that best suit your team's time zone.


Hosted by the Upline Diamond, the 'A+' in this case, a presentation call "Aligning with Success" is done online via Web Ex. It is a look at the BIG picture as it relates to personal success, success in Nikken and validation of the Wellness Trak Operating System for support and duplication. Everyone can easily watch from their own home or participate via telephone.

Enter Dennis & Ruth Williams, Royal Ambassador, Web Meeting Room

Enter Michael DiMuccio, Royal Diamond, Web Meeting Room

Enter Cathy and Bernie Dohmann, Diamond, Web Meeting Room

Enter Carol Gordon and Jim McElroy, Diamond, Web Meeting Room

Enter Terry and Erin Latham, Diamond, Web Meeting Room

Enter Kathy Long, Diamond, Web Meeting Room

Enter Jerry White, Diamond, Web Meeting Room