A computer's operating system controls and coordinates all of its programs and functions. It enables the different programs to "work together," sharing information and resources. This allows the computer user to work more efficiently and effectively to accomplish each task.

The WellnessTrak is an operating system for a Wellness business! Its "master plan" allows WTS users to use all of the tools in an efficient and effective manner to meet their goals. Each individual component integrates seamlessly with every other component, allowing WTS users to move effortlessly from step to step as they build their businesses.

The WTS was designed to emulate the time-proven success of the franchise business model, which provides a detailed step-by-step system for franchisees to follow. Sometimes referred to as a "business in a box," a successful franchise provides a simple and duplicable system to allow even the most inexperienced franchisees to succeed. In a similar fashion, the WTS provides a step-by-step process for new consultants to follow as they create their Wellness business.

There are three key aspects to building a successful Wellness business. The Wellness Trak calls these the THREE 'R's - Recruit - Retail - Residual.

The WTS has developed a TRAK for each Rank in the Nikken Business - from a NEW PARTNER all the way to ROYAL AMBASSADOR. Each Rank Trak teaches the Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies needed to help build a successful business. Attached to each Rank Trak is a Tool Box that includes all the teaching and materials needed to support your education and success.