Wellness Trak System Recordings
Welcome to the Wellness Network and Wellness Trak System Recordings. These Web Casts have been recorded during live presentations. They will not only assist you as a resource in your role as an "Apprentice" new to the information, but also in leveraging your time and knowledge in your role as "Coach" and "Mentor" as you build your organization. We hope you find these presentations valuable and will encourage your team to review them.

Note that the recordings are organized in the same manner as The Wellness Trak Operating System. Please limit your access to the information according to your current rank and the ranks preceeding it. Becoming a 'functional' New Partner, Silver, or Gold...ect., is about mastering the basics leading up to and including your current rank. The natural progression of this process of learning leads to advancement in rank, and guides others to do the same.

Technical note: As the recording plays, you will notice icons on the top right side of your screen. Click on the video icon to view the video image of the presenter. You can also click and drag that window to the side of the main presentation window, if needed.